Nike Bauer 195 Hockey Stick PM9, 87 Flex RH

Engineered and refined to deliver explosive one-timers and scorching slapshots, the Supreme One95 stick is built for the strong and powerful. Designed to withstand maximum loading, it delivers pure power in each and every shot. With its low-mid flex and a torsionally stiff lower third, the overall design creates more energy transfer per shot, resulting in greater velocity. This stick leaves nothing on the ice, except for maybe a few hat.


MONOCOMP TECHNOLOGY - The overall balance and weight of the stick have been optimized by the removal of excess material at the joint. An industry-leading single molding process delivers improved consistency and better balance for improved shooting. BLADE PROFILE - The squared-off profile of the Supreme One95 provides improved blade-to-puck-to-ice contact, resulting in superior shot velocity. The blade is finished with a matte black paint to avoid any distracting reflections. POWER TAPER - The .520" power taper boots torsional stiffness to maximize loading with less torquing and twisting for better control and precision. LOW-MID KICK POINT - Torsional stiffness in the lower third generates more stored energy, creating increased power in every shot - whether it's a booming slapshot from the point or a blistering one-timer from the slot. TACTILE EVOLUTION - The tactile texture
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