Nike Slingshot Iron set Golf Club

GREAT DEAL!!!! Nike SlingShots in Excellent condition! ********Whole Iron Set 3 - pw***** These clubs are in very good condition, t original owner was a friend of mine and he started golfing 2 years ago. He bought these clubs brand new and only went out golfing with them twice. I bought them off of him last year and used them for half of the golf season. The wear on them is minimal and t is no chunks or chips on the irons. I got a pretty good picture of them in w you can see the wear and believe me it is minimal. The shafts are the original slingshot graphite shafts (stiff flex) The grips are in Excellent shape and feel new! These were my first Graphite shaft Clubs and the results i saw with them was the distance factor! The great thing is that they are stiff so t isn't a whippy bend to them when you shoot! I couldn't feel much of a difference from coming off of steel shafts. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Dont miss out on these great clubs for the new golf season!!
Selling them for 299.99 or make your best offer! I need to sell these soon
((( On Sale Locally so don't miss out!! )))