NIKE SQ 3 WOOD ~ 13.5 degree loft ~ X-Stiff Graphite

Try one of the hottest 3 woods on the market. Take notice of the flex. This is an x-stiff tip flex shaft. I love this shaft; it is excellently paired with this club's loft. 13.5 degrees insures a penetrating ball flight and the tip flex gets the ball off the ground easily. If you grip down a bit and swing more upright you can really land the ball softly for such a strong loft. This thing is a dream off the tee. You'll gain accuracy without sacrificing distance. Commonly play long par fives and have 250+ to reach in two? Give this stick a shot. T were 2 par fives I could not reach on my old course with my old 15* 3 wood. With this club I reached them more times than I came up short. The only reason I am selling this stick is because the two courses I play most often now don't require a club of this strength. I am selling this to replace it with a utility club. (I may be the only golfer in America without one). Do you work the ball? If so, this is your club. Keeping the ball out of the wind is a no-brainer, as you might imagine. Moving the ball right to left is easily done; even if you really jump on it. I even learned how to hit a high soft fade with some practice. The condition of the club overall is 8.5/10. You can see in one of the photos a slight sky mark. It is more on the face than the crown. Got this hitting out of a fluffy ... read more