Nikon S 2 Black Dial Rangefinder collectable camera

Nikon S2 Black Dial rangefinder collectable camera. The body number is 6192119 and the lens is a Nikkor -S-C 1:1.4 f=5cm
The body is in very good condition except for a slight dent next to the turn lock on base which I have tried to show in the photograph; there are also some scratches on the base. The leatherette is excellent is in condition. The shutter cloth is excellent and operates smoothly throught the speed range.
The lens glass is bright and very clear with no fungus or fogging.
I am not an expert and have tried to describe the camera honestly. The camera has been in my family's possession for a little over 50 years and has been hardly used. If I can assist with any additional information please contact me on , 0 or
It appears that this item has a restriction on sale to US as it is classified as arms and similar items. I have no idea why an old camera is so restricted but any US buyers need to note this restriction.