Nikon D50 6.1 MP Digital SLR Camera & 18-70 mm AF-S Nikkor Zoom Lens

NIKON D50 Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera & Zoom Lens
I'm selling my trustworthy, Nikon D50 DSLR and attached zoom lens, that is in excellent condition. This camera and lens has served me well for about 3-years, and is a moderately compact body and lens combination that is fairly easy to carry around, as compared to some of the BIG DSLR's on the market now. It's a great entry-level camera, and in the AUTO mode, takes really good photos. The zoom lens covers a good range, and has just enough "zoom power" to bring in that medium distant shot. The zoom lens had a UV filter always on it while I was actively using this camera/lens combination.
The package includes a nice Nikon brand camera bag, that has extra pockets for accessories, and an extra battery for the camera. Also, there is a 2GB SC memory card, so that you can use this camera right of the box. The Owner's manual from Nikon is also included.
Here are some the basic specs for the camera: 6.1MB resolution, ISO range from 100 - 1600, 2-inch LCD, USB 2.0(hi-speed) interface, multiple pre-set exposure programs including Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night, etc; weight approx 2 lbs with lens.
This camera and lens are sold "as-is" with no returns accepted, however, I can assure you that when it leaves here it will be in working order. Please see my feedback,
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