Nikon FSB-U1 Digital Camera Bracket

Nikon FSB-U1 Digital Camera Bracket
FeaturesUniversal digital camera bracket for digiscoping — connects a wide variety of Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras to Nikon Fieldscopes and Fieldmicroscope EZ-Micro Enables easy switching between observation and digiscoping without removing the digital camera * If the bracket is used to combine the Spotting Scope RAIII and DS Spotting Scope Eyepiece 20x/25x, only the shooting (closed) position should be used Comes with cable release (approx. 50cm), which helps prevent camera shake during shooting Compatible Digital Cameras (COOLPIX) (as of October, 2011)

P series (P6000 *1 /P5100/P5000/P300/P50/P4/P3/P2/P1)
S series (S5100 *2 /S4100/S4000 *3 /S3100/S2500/S3000 *3 /S710/S700/S640 *4 /S620/S610/S610c/S600/
L series (L23/L22/L21/L20/L19/L18/L16/L15/L14/L12/L11/L10/L6/L4/L3/L2)

[Compatible COOLPIX Digital Cameras for PROSTAFF 5 Fieldscopes 82/82-A/60/60-A: COOLPIX Cameras sold prior to February 2011 have not been tested.]

*1 The combination of the COOLPIX P6000, FSB-U1 and EZ-Micro is not recommended in terms of the weight balance. *2 Cannot be used with EDG Fieldscope Eyepiece FEP-25 LER because of the vignetting. *3 Attaching a DS Spotting Scope zoom eyepiece to the COOLPIX S4000/S3000 is not recommended because
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