Nina's MAGIC EYE OF HORUS LOCKET from Nickelodeon House of Anubis-OPENS UP!

My nephew had written to Santa this year- and all he wanted for Christmas was a nickelodeon 'House of Anubis' Necklace . Since the folks at Nickelodeon hadn't yet caught on to this marketing ploy- I made one for him-and am selling the other one on eBay. I've included a photograph of the Television show's prop 'Anubis' locket, and two pictures of the locket I made. I have replicated Nina's "House of Anubis" magical locket the best that I could. However, I'm not affiliated with Nickelodeon and am listing this Pendant as a handcrafted replica- because of all of the interest shown after making one for my nephew. (OriginalAuction Date 11/28/2011)
Welcome House of Anubis Fans! If you look closely at the locket in the pictures from the show, (photo #7) you will see that there is more than one 'prop' necklace in the HOUSE! Sometimes the image inside of Sarah Frobisher-Smythe is on the left- sometimes it's on the right. Sometimes it's fastened on top- other times on the bottom-lol So? I decided to switch it up a bit myself. Each picture is of the actual locket (Locket B) for sale in this auction. While building it? I decide what side is mirror shiny silver and what side has Sarah's portrait. ( One of the perks of holding the drill and Hammer) I decided this Locket has her picture on the right. It also has a small magnet to keep it closed.
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