Nino Cochise, Chief of the Apaches, signature

Nino Cochise. (Feb 6, 1874- Dec. 23, 1984). Apache Indian Chief. His father died in Washington while waiting to meet President Grant to discuss getting their reservation back. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Nino Cochise was a dead shot with a pistol. He is the author of The First 100 Years With Nino Cochise." Choice signature obtained "in person" during his 110th birthday party. The party was in February, 1984 and President Reagan sent congratulations. A flag was flown over The White House and that it would be soon sent to him. Cochise also received letters from Vice President george Bush. A surprise party was held for Cochise in Tombstone, Az w Cochise lived in a trailer at the end of town. Many of his friends attended including Emmett Kelly, Jr. This was to be his last birthday as he died in December of this same year. He is buried in the old cemetery in Tombstone, Az. Choice, in person ink signature of "Chief Nino Cochise" on a plain 3" x 5" card. Together with a copy of the article of his 110th birthday party from the front page of the Tombstone Epitaph.

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