Welcome to my auction for a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a nearly full boxed set of NINTENDO GAME & WATCHES

The collection is nearly complete just needs , DK + popeye TABLETOP - super mario + balloon fight CRYSTAL - mickey + DK circus PANORAMA

The games are all working & complete with all serial numbers and battery covers

They all come with original boxes (exept snoopy tabletop + flagman)

All original poly trays , instructions , caution + warning sheets , how to play sheets (where applicable), and battery (baby) stickers - Which are full half and empty stickers , some of the games come with original poly bags and the rest are non original , The silver and gold games come with copy purple batterys as do a couple of the widescreen games a couple of the games come with empty original battery casings

PLEASE NOTE : mario the juggler , egg & judge have reproduction boxes and manuals (exept judge which has a genuine manual) but all have genuine poly trays , caution sheets , battery stickers The egg widescreen game front metal panel was from a mickey mouse widescreen and has been painted with a gold pen not very well ( see picture )

Some of the games are mint almost brand new condition like (mickey & donald - crab grab - super mario widescreen - donkey kong 3)
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