Nintendo MARIO BROS Vintage Game and Watch.Fully Boxed,Instructions.99pNoReserve

Full Package: Nintendo MARIOBROS, Vintage Game and Watch. Fully Boxed with Instructions. 99p no reserve!


‘Vintage’ 1983 Pocketsize Nintendo MARIO BROS “Game and Watch” Multi-Screen hand held gaming device available for auction. I’ve started this @ 99p no reserve and will be happy to see this go to the top bidder!

I’ve had this new since I was a boy. Fully Boxed, instructions present and 2 NEW sets of Batteries provided (one set open and used to test, one set still in packaging).

Note: Excellent interior condition, however there is a slight dark blemish to the left LCD screen but this does not affect the game playing (see picture). Rear exterior condition good (some normal scratches for age), however there are a number of scratches on the front silver panel (see pictures).

I’ve got more “Game and Watch” devices to auction – check them out. Lots of pictures included and happy to e-mail more if requested. Please ask any questions if I fail to add any detail, thanks Dan!

Model MW-56 – See picture

Made in Japan 1983 - See picture

Serial Number – See picture

Box – Present , See Picture (Excellent condition for the age, some minor wear and tear)

Inner Polystyrene box – Present

Instructions – Present

Pink ‘how to play’ leaflet
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