Nintendo VS Tetris Eprom Chipset. Red Tent Dual Unisytem. Read Description

Here is a 4 eprom set of chips for VS Tetris

Tetris requires a RP2C04-0001 PPU or the RC2C03B PPU that is not included in this sale.

You can also use the RP2C04-0002 if you set your dipswitches at the top of your main pcb

The following setting is required

Dip5 on,dip6 off,dip7 on,dip8 off.

Make sure you have this PPU or your colors of the game will not display correctly.

This auction is for the 4 eproms you see in the picture. The chips will play as the originals, but are not original.

Ask any and all questions prior to buying.

Once purchased they are yours.

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