NIP Nintendo Super Smash Bros Melee Orchestra CD RARE

Brand New Unopened !!! Super Smash Bros Melee "SMASHING ... LIVE !" Live Orchestra Music CD

You are bidding a RARE Super Smash Bros Melee Live Orchestra Music CD. It is only available when you subscribed to Nintendo Power during January 2003 (a subscriber bonus item !!!). The CD is BRAND NEW (unopened in original sleeve). The picture shows what the CD looks like. The one you will get is BRAND NEW UNOPENED !!!

CD tracks information:

Planet Corneria (from Super NES Star Fox) Jungle Garden (from Super NES Donkey Kong Country) Great Bay Shrine (from NES The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link) Dr. Mario (from NES Dr. Mario) Original Medley (from Nintendo GameCube Super Smash Bros. Melee) Fountain of Dreams (from Super NES Kirby Super Star) Pokemon Medley (from GameBoy Pokemon series) Opening (from Nintendo GameCube Super Smash Bros. Melee) Planet Venom (from N64 Star Fox 64) Yoshi's Story (from N64 Yoshi's Story) Depth of Brinstar (from NES Metroid) Smash Bros. Great Medley (from NES Super Mario Bros series) Fire Emblem (from NES Fire Emblem) Green Greens (from GameBoy Kirby's Dream Land) Rainbow Cruise (from N64 Super Mario 64) US shipping and handling is $2.99 Canada shipping and handling is $4.99 International shipping and handling is $6.99

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