Nippon Porcelain Toothbrush Holder & Cup, Antique?

Beautiful Nippon Porcelain Toothbrush Holder/Soap Dish & Matching Cup.

Lovely pink and purple flowers. Has a seafoam green border. Both the cup and toothbrush holder have gold trim. The flowers are absolutely beautiful and these pictures just do not show the detail.

Both are in PERFECT condition with no chips, cracks, repairs or crazing.

The bottom has a wreath mark and says Hand Painted and Nippon.

The buyer will definitely not be disappointed. The beauty of these hand painted flowers are just amazing!

I do not know the age of these items, but they look to be antiques.

NOTE: Another Ebayer kindly informed me that this is actually a reproduction of Nippon. But i have to say that it is still a VERY lovely piece.

Note: I just want everybody to know that this is NOT Nippon as i thought it to be. Even though it says Nippon, 2 people have told me that it is an imitation. So i just want to make sure that everybody knows this. But i still want to stress that these are very beautiful and ARE handpainted flowers on these items. Thank you for looking!