Nitro RC Fail Safe for Car, Truck, Boat, RC Failsafe

You Bid is Nitro RC Fail Safe for Car, Truck, Boat, RC Failsafe

100% Brand new condition !!!

RC-Timer Fail safe to suit all nitro & petrol powered vehicles, helps prevent runaway vehicles (boats, cars etc) due to signal loss & low battery.
1.Weight: 5g
2.Working volts: 4.8V-6V
3.Loading current: 7mA(4.8V)
4.Precision scope:

Low battery warning.
Prevents accidents by detection low battery voltage, low radio battery voltage, no radio signal, and signal interference.
Stops vehicle by applying brake servo.
Compatible with 4.8V-6V receiver power source.

Requires: Connect fail-safe unit to throttle/brake servo and receiver.
Auxiliary safety device that constantly checks the pulse signal from the receiver by means of a CPU and turns on a fail safe (F/S) function if the pulse is disturbed by interference. When the power supply voltage drops, a battery fail (B-F/S) function
Compact and lightweight design does not affect servo performance.
Response quickly to erroneous operation by interference, etc, and prevents loss of control of R/C models. Quick recall function quickly resets the F/S function by normal servo output signal from the receiver when the interference, etc. disappears.

Fail-Safe Break
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