Niue 2012 - 2x5$ - War of 1812 - KUTUSOW and NAPOLEON - High Relief - Set

Niue 2012 - 2x5$ - War of 1812 - KUTUSOW and NAPOLEON - High Relief - Set

War of 1812 Kutusow - Napoleon Set

The reasons for the war to Russia's refusal to actively support the Continental System of Napoleon as the most important weapon against England were looked at Napoleon's policy in relation to European countries without taking into account Russian interests (restore particular the efforts of Napoleon to the Polish state also the territories of should belong to Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine).


In the second phase of the war ( October to December 1812 ), Napoleon's army is initially looking back to winter quarters, then a complete withdrawal takes place behind the borders of Russia pursued by hunger, cold and the Russian army. The war ended with almost complete destruction of Napoleon's army, the liberation of Russia and the relocation of military operations on the territories of the Duchy of Warsaw (Poland) and in Germany in 1813. On the back is Kutuzov and behind him Napoleon depicted. Behind them you can see on the right side of the retreating French soldiers die of hunger and cold. On the left side of the attacking Russian Cossacks slaughtered the remnants of the French army. The coin is issued for the 200th anniversary of the war between
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