Nixon, Richard M. & Ford, Gerald R.

Nixon, Richard M. & Ford, Gerald R. Official White House color Photograph Signed as President (`Richard Nixon / 1973`) and as the newly-announced nominee for Vice President (`Gerald R. Ford 10/13/73`), to replace Spiro Agnew, who had resigned in lieu of facing trial on bribery charges, 8 x 10 in. Nixon congratulates Ford at the White House on the day he nominated the Republican minority leader of the House. With the nomination of Ford, the Twenty-fifth Amendment, which had been ratified in 1967, was used for the first time. It provided that a vacancy in the office of Vice President could be filled by nomination by the President and confirmation by both houses of Congress. The Senate approved Ford`s nomination on November 27, 1973 and the House on December 6; Ford was sworn in as the fortieth Vice President an hour after the House`s approval. Extremely Fine.