Nkisi Ndoki Nail Ritual Fetish Bakongo Authentic Congo Palo Mayombe

This an authentic Nkisi Ndoki Nail Fetish direct from the Congo. This is an original used ritual fetish and I brought it back from the Congo myself. In the 90's I volunteered for an organization that installed fresh drinking water systems in Africa and other regions. I am an avid collector of ritual artwork from around the world and was able to purchase this Nkisi direct from the village elders.

This is a most amazing example ! You will not find another one like it, I guarantee it. It is very large and detailed. It has large amounts of magical substance on it and a unique straw hat and red painted face.

It measures 24 in high x 10 in wide x in deep. It is in original used condition and you can see from the photos how stunning it is!

Nail and mirror fetishes are a unique and important phenomenon of Kongo sculpture. In the Kongo, all these fetishes are called nkisi . Nkisi means "medicine". Historically, there were two types of nkisi , public and private, with some having vital democratizing roles, as sources of empowerment for rural residents and individuals outside the court. At most basic, the nkisi represents a container of empowering materials or "medicines" called bilongo . The magical substances may be blood along with animal, vegetable, and mineral matter. They are believed to invest the fetish figure with
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