(No0440) German Bundeswehr PARACHUTE insignia QUALIFICATION BADGE GOLD 50 JUMPS

Original German Bundeswehr insignia PERFECT CONDITION!!, EMBROIDERED, cca 12 cm wide, 50 JUMPS

Money back guarantee on originality.

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German paratroopers ( Fallschirmjäger ) - In the modern German Bundeswehr , Fallschirmjäger continue to form the core of Special Operations. The Division has two brigade equivalents and several independent companies and battalions. All in all in 2010 about 10,000 troops will serve in that division, most of them being support or logistics personnel. The Division will have the following structure:

Special Operations Division Headquarters Company (stationed in Stadtallendorf ) Airborne Signal Battalion (Stadtallendorf) Airborne Air Defence Missile Battery 100 ( Seedorf ) Long Range Reconnaissance Training Company 200 (Pfullendorf) Army Band 300 ( Koblenz ) Airborne Brigade 26 ( Saarlouis ) Headquarters Company (Saarlouis) Airborne Reconnaissance Company 260 ( Zweibrücken ) Airborne Engineer Company 260 (Saarlouis) Fallschirmjäger Battalion 261 ( Lebach ) Airborne Support Battalion 262 ( Merzig ) Fallschirmjäger Battalion 263 (Zweibrücken) Airborne Brigade 31 ( Oldenburg ) Headquarters
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