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This particular lithophane is a nightlight, and is very well made. The lithophane panel is rounded on the top and flat across on the bottom. It measures approximately 4 inches by 5 inches (each is a little different because they are made individually). There is an off and on switch on the front. The nightlight mounting is very minimal...a metal bar the same color as the lithophane goes across the bottom of the panel. Two screws hold the panel in the nightlight frame and the off/on switch is just below that. The clip mounting allows this nightlight to be plugged into any electrical outlet, including outlets that are installed sideways or upside down. The lithophane can mount from the bottom, or the top, or on the side and is lit from behind with a 5 watt nightlight bulb which can be safely left on 24/7.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lithophane, it is a rare and exquisite art form from the 19th Century. In 1827, it was discovered that a remarkable three dimensional image could be produced by shining light through a carving of varied thicknesses in porcelain. These transparencies are achieved by first carving the image into beeswax. The translucency of the wax allows the artist to see the results of his labor as he works. A plaster casting is then taken from the masterwork, and
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