Noerdlingen,lg.Plan and Description,Quire with Woodcuts,Nuenster,Cosmography

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A quire of 8 leaves with woodcuts, including a large plan of ANoerdlingen, Germany.

From a fragment of an early edition of the important description of the world by Sebastian Muenster:

Cosmographei oder Beschreibung aller Laender, Herrschafften, fuernemsten Stette.

Basel:Petri, 1550. The following leaves are shown for reference. They are not part of the lot.

Condition of the quire: On hand-made paper in good condition with evidence of aging: soiling, staining or spotting, edge and margin flaws, etc. I will mention flaws that cannot be seen on the photographs.

One leaf has an easily repairable, inconspicuous tear and the leaf with the volcano has a small hole, with no letters missing.

Size of the quire: ca.: 12.5" x 8.5" (320 mm x 215 mm).

Pictured: The entire quire in sequence, the undated title page and the colophon leaf giving the publication date of 1550.

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