Nolan Ryan Starting Lineup Figure Lot of 15 All Different in Boxes and Cases

Huge lot of 15 different Nolan Ryan Starting Lineup Figures. Included are 1988 (rookie)(slight fraying on bottom of unit), 1990 near mint, 1991 near mint (does have price tag on unit), 1992 near mint, 1993 mint, 1993 special extended series retirement figurine near mint, 1997 Suns special edition mint, 1999 Cooperstown Collection mint, 2000 Starting Lineup 2 Cooperstown Collection mint, 2000 Wheaties mint, 1998 Classic Doubles with Walter Johnson mint, 1997 Classic Doubles with Randy Johnson near mint, 1992 Headline Collection 7th Heaven unopened in box (excellent condition), 1993 Headline Collection Angel's retire number unopened in box (excellent condition), and 1991 Headline Collection 5000k unopened in box (fair condition). All figures come with plastic protectors. These alone were expensive. See my other auction for McFarlane figures. Bobblehead, nodder, bobble.
This box will be big to send these in. Price of shipping reflects large box. Email for more specifics. I will not piece these items out. Thanks.