Nolan Ryan Topps Sterling Auto Triple Jersey 7/10 BGS?

2007 Topps Sterling NOLAN RYAN Triple Jersey Autograph #erd 7/10!

An Awesome card. The card has 3 Jersey peices , Two home plate swatches and an Angels Logo Swatch. Grey and white Colors. With A Perfect Autograph. And it is number Lucky 7 of only 10 made. 7/10! Extra thick card stock, it is a really handsome card to look at. They make this stuff so nice now days. These boxes are over $300 in the store that these cards come out of. Pretty nice high end investment card of one of the Best Pitchers of all time. I have the card double sleeved and in a hard case. The pictures may not be that good I had to use a camera phone. If you need better pics, please feel free to email me. I have the lowest buy it now on this card. closest to it is $199 and $299. I have it at $130! OR Best Offer. The Nolan Ryan Unopened Box that this comes from is going for almost $300 right now on E Bay. Im already selling what you MIGHT get in one of his boxes without paying the full price. And maybe only getting a Jersey with NO Auto. Unless you want the base cards as well, this is basically the juice in the boxes found for you already : ) All offers welcomed as well. Thanks for looking!

I have several cards up on E Bay right now. Just please, NO PAYPAL PLEASE . My preference is to receive payment through money orders, cashiers checks and personal
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