Noma OrnaMotor SET of 2 MOTION Rotate TWIRL Ornament


Item Name: Noma OrnaMotor (Set of 2)
Item Number: NOMA 2201 Set of 2
Collection: Noma
Size: 0" Tall
Made of: Plastic
Item Condition: New
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Bring you Halloween/Christmas tree to life and make you own ornaments twirl...make your tree the life of the party !!!

Noma OrnaMotion Rotating Ornament Motor - Set of 2 is an Exclusive Product for Noma International . These ornamotors from Noma are HARD to FIND, and Story Book Kids have all you need . Stock is limited, so don't wait or you will miss these great ornamotors.

What a great ornament to use the Noma Ornamotor. You will thoroughly enjoy the Noma Ornamotor to show all sides of the ornament as it rotates! Each motor easily plugs into a socket of your 35, 50, or 100 steady burning miniature light set. Add some motion to your Chrismas tree!! Check our eBay store for these
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