NordicFlex Gold
Owner's Manuals
Up for bid are copies of all of the owner's manuals that come with both the NordicFlex Gold World Class and NordicFlex Gold Medalist strength conditioning machines. The machines are very similar, but the World Class comes with the following standard features: power meter electronics, press bar pads, power strap and abdominal crunch bar. These options are available for purchase by NordicFlex Gold Medalist owners. These manuals are extremely hard to find since NordicTrack has discontinued production of this versatile home gym.
Included are...
1)The 20-page manual that shows detailed instructions on how to assemble the unit. This manual also provides information on cord (and pulley) routing for Press Exercises, Pulldown Exercises, Chest Fly Exercises, Leg Exercises and Abdominal Crunch Bar Exercises.
2)The 50-page manual with 40 total-body exercises for 6 areas: LEGS (Deadlift, Leg Press, Front Squat, Rear Squat, Leg Extension, Standing Leg Curl, Calf Raise, Hip Extension, Hip Flexion, Hip Abduction); BACK (Lat Pulldown, Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown, Bent-over Row, Reverse Fly, Pull-Up, Modified Pull-Up, Back Extension); CHEST (Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Chest Fly); SHOULDERS (Behind the Neck Press, Upright Row, Military Press, Shoulder Shrugs, Bent-Over Raise); ARMS (Tricep
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