Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Division Track Chart - 2002

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Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York Norfolk Southern now drives massive amounts of freight over the Allegheny Mountains - over Horseshoe curve - just like the Pennsy and Conrail used to... and it's in the Pittsburgh Division. 382 pages. The division has lines radiating out from Pittsburgh in all directions. Major cities include: Johnstown, Steubenville, Canton, Mansfield, Youngstown, Erie and Buffalo. Other towns include: Morgantown, Powhatan, Alliance, Warren, New Castle, Crestline, Monongahela, Meadville, and Conneaut... roughly 1400 miles of big time mainline railroading! Includes the former Monongahela Railway. Updated to 2002. This is a photocopy of an original Norfolk Southern Railway condensed profile. A track chart shows every mile of railroad track - including signals, sidings, speed, degree of curvature, grade, tunnels, maintenance information and more. Pages are 8.5 by 11 and double sided. It comes bound in a report cover with a label. Included is a key and an index.
A scan of the map page showing the general area covered is above - the dark solid lines are included in this track chart. A typical track chart page is below.
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