My original B&W 620 size 54X80mm negative and matching contact print which I took at the N&W roundhouse in Columbus, Oh., back in July 1957. I was only 15 years old and a friend, who spent his Summers at an Aunt' s house in Columbus, had told me that t were lots of steam locomotives t I, and another friend, talked my Mom into taking us on a three day weekend visit to Columbus. She agreed ( after I did a special project in the yard ) and at the stroke of midnight one day that July, we started our trip. When we arrived, we drove around and got the "feel" of the place and started seeing steam locomotives of the N&W, PRR, and B&O railroads. This shot, taken mid day on a hazy Saturday, shows two N&W "A" class simple articulated locomotives, # 1205 and # 1252, lined up to get into the roundhouse. The roundhouse building is seen on the left and the coaling dock towers up on the right ! I visited Columbus on business in recent years and was heartbroken to see that my 1957 railroad town is now a highway town ! The maze of yards and mainlines that once criss-crossed the city have, for the most part, been replaced by concrete interstate highways.

This picture was taken with a rather simple camera so it's not "publication quality" but the price is right and it sure shows the massive nature of steam railroading. Everything
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