Noritake 3930 ROYAL HUNT 10 3/4" Dinner Plate/s Gold Trim P193

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This great offering is for Almost LIKE NEW! "GENTLY USED" Condition Dinnerwear which is beautiful and ready for you to use or resell! Please NOTE: IF THERE IS A NUMBER AT THE BEGINNING OF the title of this listing, that number represents how many items you will be getting if you "BUY ONE". If you see TWO as the first word, and a quanity of 4 are available, that means we have or had 8 pieces in stock and when you buy one you will actually get two pieces! Letter & Number at end of title is warehouse location only ! ATTENTION: WE DO ACCEPT RETURNS FOR ANY REASON AS LONG AS OUR QUALITY CONTROL STICKER IS STILL ON IT. EACH ITEM WE SHIP WILL HAVE SAID CONTROL STICKER ON IT, INITIALED BY LISTER, INVENTORY/STOCK CLERK AND PACKER/SHIPPER ON IT. THIS STICKER IS EASILY REMOVED BY A LITTLE WARM WATER, HOWEVER, IT WILL NOT PEEL OFF TO PLACE ON ANOTHER PIECE OF DINNERWEAR. IF YOU HAVE A STAINED OR DAMAGED PIECE THAT YOU WERE HOPING TO RETURN IN EXCHANGE FOR OUR PIECE, PLEASE SHOP ELSEWHERE. SHIPPING!

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