Noritake China 175 White & Gold BIG Coffee Pot

Noritake China 175 White & Gold BIG Coffee Pot

DETAILS: We are listing this estate fresh vintage Noritake china White and Gold pattern number 175 large coffee pot & lid with a reserve of $200.00. This pattern is also sometimes known at number 16034.

We found similar but smaller coffee pots in this pattern for sale on the internet and on eBay with a buy-it now price of $379.95. The smaller pots are measured at about 7 inches tall. Our pot is 9 inches tall. We could not find our size pot documented anyw, so it may be quite rare!

Be sure and click on our other auctions to see an additional Noritake porcelain #175 White and Gold lot that we also currently have listed on eBay. If you buy more than one eBay lot from us, we are always happy to combine multiple purchases together in one box whenever possible to save you some money on shipping and handling charges. It should cost about the same to ship two or more lots together as it would to ship only one by itself, plus any additional insurance charges.

MARK/SIGNATURE: Appropriate gold printed back stamp:


Hand Painted



CONDITION: This coffee pot is in excellent condition, free from chips, cracks, scratches, stains, crazing or repairs. T is no wear or fading to the gold.

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