Noritake Gallery Ivory China- 84 pieces in all

This is a complete set of Nortake Gallery Ivory China-96 pieces in all. It has never been used, nor does it have any chips or scratches. I do not have the boxes, it is in my china cabinet that I have. The number on the bottom of the china is #7246. I have had this china set for about 10 years and like I said have never used it. I received it when my husband and I divorced, that was the only thing that I ended up with, and I really have no use for. The reason that I am trying to sell it now is because my son and I have really struggled over the last 10 years being just me and him,and in the last year, paying for 2 Homecomings, an 18th birthday, 2 Proms, Graduation and a graduation party (which I will add his so called father helped me out in no way at all), it has just wiped me out. My son is leaving for boot camp for the Army on August 2nd and I wanted to have another celebration for him at the end of July, but with all the things for the other acivities I will just not be able to do that for him. The really bad thing is I stopped for gas the other day and my bank card told me t was no money so my son had to give me ome of his money so I could get gas in my car, and almost all of hs money he makes goes to pay for his car. That is why I need to sell this China. I have asked his father several times to help with things but it is

I want to apologize, I miscounted how many pieces I had to my set. Please accept my apology!

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