Buying a piece of china for an existing set is one of the nicest things you can do, either for yourself, or as a gift to someone else. One can never have too many serving pieces for a china set! Most sets do not have enough serving pieces. is an opportunity to add one! Please remember that this pattern has been discontinued for almost ten years. Large less common pieces, such as this covered vegtable bowl, will only become harder to find.

This covered oval vegtable bowl is in pristine condition, without any blemishes of any kind. It is 9 inches long from the outside edge of one handle to the other, and stands just under 6 inches high to the top of the finial. The largest china replacement company in the U.S.A. almost never has this covered bowl in stock, thus it is an item that is usually only available on eBay. Over the past two years, four of these covered vegtable bowls have appeared on eBay and all four have sold for $200-$300. The latest sale took place on 3/13/08 and the price was $255.00 (Item#150222999992 if you want to check it out). So you can wait, on average, for six months looking for a "deal", which past pricing history strongly suggests probably won't happen for you anyway, or you can buy this bowl now and have it in your possesion within a week! Large covered bowls, such as this, are considered showpieces
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