Norma DeCamp Antique type Clown Jack in box with 4 character toys. Clay and Wood

Clown Jack in the Box


His Gang, Four of them.

Phineas the Pig

Reuben, Raphael, Randal & Quincy

One very Happy Family

Siegfried the Clown is suppose to be funny

Yet he is always so serious. Hmmmm.

All the characters are hand molded from clay

Cloth bodies with the exception of Siegfried.

He is wire and wood..

On the front of the box is a

vintage clown cardboard Print

That Clown has two Pigs as his Friends.

My small characters

are all dressed in mostly cotton material

Some material is old & others are made to look old.

The box is 4 1/2" wide

4" deep, & 9" tall. Handmade and is wood.

The piece itself is 14 1/2" tall.

I don't believe that I have made a clown jack in the box for almost two years.

It is signed and dated

Thanks for coming by.

Another email from a buyer.

" Hi Norma, The Lg Seated Santa arrived safely today. He is "Breathtaking"! I love his peaceful. Kind and gentle face, beautiful tapestry coat, bag and belt. The meticulously detailed toys are treasures" TO.