Norma DeCamp Metal Sleigh, Reindeer Santa and Toys with wreath of doll heads

Norma DeCamp Sleigh,

Santa, Reindeer & Toys

Featuring a wreath of small doll heads

A little over two years ago we made

a few Santa’s with a wreath of greens

On their hoods

and many tiny toys covered the wreath

that was when I was working with my son


They were extremely popular.

See last picture for one that we made.

This one was a 30” standing in fur.

We made that big guy

together and David always LOADS

them with our toys

While I was finishing this sleigh

I thought that a wreath with doll heads

would be darling on

the side of the sleigh

I have many small molds of my German dolls

so I made nine small heads and placed them on the

“Sleigh Wreath”

Makes an interesting item.

I suppose by the time the sleigh returns home, even the tiny heads have been given away by Santa.

The Sleigh is metal and well made

The whole piece measures 17”

The sleigh itself is 9 ½” long.

4 ½” wide and counting the handle

7 ½” tall.

There are two bottle brush trees incuded.

The Reindeer is 7 ½” tall and 6 ½” long.

Santa Stands 7 ½” tall.

I have added the handle and
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