Original Norma Shearer Autographed Photo ca. 1935

Signed for famed Hollywood 1930's fitness guru Madame Sylvia (Ulback)

This is an original MGM studio publicity photo by master photographer Ruth Harriett Louise of MGM actress Norma Shearer, wife of studio czar Irving Thalberg. It was signed for Madame Sylvia (Ulback), who was the masseuse and fitness coach to the stars during the 1930's-1940's. The oversized (11X13) double-weight, sepia toned photo is signed boldly in black ink by Shearer. Madame Sylvia has written in pencil on the reverse that the photo is to be returned to her after reproduction and is stamped with MGM and Ruth Harriett Louise's tag.

PLEASE NOTE: My scanner wasn't quite big enough to scan the entire photo, so check both images for views of the overall size and the inscription.

TYPE: signed photo, double weight

SIZE: 11 " X 13"

CONDITION: Excellent, no blemishes.

INSCRIBED: "To Sylvia - A wonderful little woman / in appreciation of your "love-taps " - Norma Shearer"

NOTE: On verso, "This picture of Norma Shearer belongs to Sylvia Ulbach, Hollywood, California and is to be returned immediately after reproduction" in pencil by Ulbach. It also bears the stamp "PLEASE CREDIT RUTH HARRIET LOUISE METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER PHOTOGRAPHER."

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