NORMA SHEARER original 1930's photo by HURRELL stamped

Highly collectible, original, 7 3/4" X 11," glossy photo of Norma Shearer. It was taken by the famous Hollywood photographer, George Hurrell. His stamp is on the back. It was undoubtedly taken in the late 1930's. Also on the back of the photo is the informational paper ("snipe") that the studio (or the magazine) put t It says: "Modern Screen #9 - Norma Shearer, in a tailored black crepe ensemble, with white pique vest and lapels and balck bow tie. The buttons are black onyx and crystal studs. To deviate from the strictly tailored effect, Norma chooses a close fitting turban of corded silk with nose veil." -- Needless to say, either Norma or the photograpehr decided to forgo the turban! The photo has been cropped somewhat. T is a series of six tiny dings under Norma's left eye and across to the bridge of her nose. And t is another series of dings at the top of her hair. However, they can't even be seen without light reflected across the surface. T are some pressure lines (numbers) in four areas, from someone having written on a paper that was sitting on top of this photo. One is on the collar of Norma's blouse, one on her bowtie, one below her bowtie, and one on the black area near the bottom edge. They, also, can't even be seen without reflected light. T is naturally a bit of puckering from the "snipe" having been glued to the back. ... read more