Norman Ives 1971 modern silkscreen print art

I:d": 1971, # 56 out of edition of 100, 21" x 27", image is 18" x 24" red and tan.
just as comparisson, here is "centaur" advertised by Francis Frost gallery for $1500. / ivescentaur.html
i'll sell it for $350.
i'll send you more views on request.
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here is some background to the artist:
Norman Ives was a member of the first graduate class in graphic design at Yale University under the direction of Josef Albers and was invited to join the faculty in 1952, his graduation year. Ives became a full professor in 1972. He was an artist, designer, teacher, and publisher. Letterforms were the constant imagery in both his personal and professional work. His individual graphic work encompassed logos, symbols, book jackets, and posters. In 1960, a partnership with his student colleague Sewell Sillman established the publishing company Ives-Sillman, Inc.

The firm produced limited editions of screenprints and portfolios faithfully translating into ink on paper the detail and colours of works from numerous artists including Ad Reinhardt, Willem De Kooning, and Josef Albers. Throughout his 28 prolific years, Ives's primary passions were letterforms and typography. By fragmenting type forms Ives reduced their literal value and raised their formal

His pieces are held in the collections of the Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA; Michael C Carlos Museum, Atlanta, GA; The University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI. Ives has been included in exhibitions at a number of museums, including the University of Hawaii in 1964; the Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis in 1966; Whitney Museum’s "Annual Painting Show" (1967); the Museum of Modern Art, NY; the Hayden Gallery, MIT (1968); the Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University; the San Francisco Museum of Art (1975); the National College of Fine Arts, Smithsonian’s, "Images of an Era"; among others. In 1967, the Museum of Modern Art selected Norman Ives for its Three Graphic Designers exhibition.

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