Norman Rockwell: Doctor and Doll, Rare, Lithograph 1929

Rare Art Prints Collection

Doctor and Doll

By Master Artist Norman Rockwell extremely rare art print lithograph , 1929

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Doctor and Doll by Norman Rockwell in March 9, 1929 , This is a vintage authentic and original (not a photocopy, replica or facsimile) art print in lithograph from rare art book, in very good condition with full plate impression. Print mounted on card-stock with adhesive along edges with nice margins, this copy of the masterpiece is very suitable for framing. extremely scarce and rare, an illustrated introduction by Christopher Finch, first printing, collectible, 1978.

Description: Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) is remembered for his heartwarming illustrations of American life that appeared on covers of the "Saturday Evening Post" magazine for many decades. Marked by nostalgia and moral fortitude, the paintings remain popular with collectors. When people use the expression "as American as apple pie" they could just as well say as American as a Norman Rockwell painting. Rockwell produced cover paintings for the Saturday Evening Post, a major magazine of its day, for several decades.
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