NORMAN ROCKWELL Four Seasons "Fishermen's Paradise

This is a Norman Rockwell porcelain figurine from the famous "Four Seasons" series entitled Fishermen's Paradise . Made by the Gift World of Gorham. This sculpture represents the Summer season and is from the "Me & My Pal" line of N.R. figurines. The fishing rods have actual fishing line on them! The fold-out brochure that comes with this piece explains more about the figurine: "Norman Rockwell's 'Me and My Pal' series dates back to his 1954 work - speculation says they are Norman Rockwell's own personal remembrances of his own youth. Exquisitely detailed and hand-painted." A blue fish rises up from the "water" in the front part of the figurine.

The two fishing rods can be propped up between the boy's knees.

The bottom of the base has the following information: "This selection inspired by Norman Rockwell's Four Season Illustrations for 1954, Summer - Fisherman's Paradise, From the Gift World of Gorham".

Figurine measures 5 1/4 inches tall x 7 inches wide x 6 1/2 inches deep.

Four felt tabs (to attach to the bottom of the base) come with this item.

Figurine is in mint condition. N.R.F.B. until now to be photographed. Original box w/styrofoam housing is in excellent condition. Informational brochure is curved somewhat but otherwise in very good condition.

I will ship via U.S.
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