You are bidding on a complete set of Norman Rockwell's famous FOUR FREEDOMS limited edition plate set from 1976. They are all in their original Styrofoam boxes and I removed them from their plastic covers for the first time in order to photograph them for this auction . All four plates are in new, mint condition. Plates measure 10.5 inches in diameter, all are Limited Edition and created of fine china by Gorham Fine China. This series was inspired by a speech made by Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 16, 1941. In the President's speech, he had declared that t were four principles for universal rights: Freedom of Speech Freedom to Worship Freedom from Want Freedom from Fear In 1943, during the Second World War, Rockwell painted the "Four Freedoms". Norman Rockwell set out to give a visual definition to the four freedoms Roosevelt had eloquently verbalized. He devoted the better part of a year to a task he'd planned to complete in a couple of months. The time was well spent. From it emerged four self - descriptive paintings of sacred American ideals. Rockwell choose unpretentious subjects for these important paintings. He depicts average Americans doing everyday things that are the essence of our way of life. He used his special gift to help us see beyond the paintings...into ourselves. The paintings were first published by "The Saturday ... read more