Norman Rockwell Triple Self Portrait Figurine

Norman Rockwell Triple Portrait Figurine
These are all free standing items in the original box. This was my personal collectible purchased in the late 1980's and was displayed in my "good" room in our NON-SMOKING home. This figurine was displayed for several years and then packed away in the box. I do have the original box, but no original papers. The pictures show different views of the figurine. It is large. The second picture shows exactly what you will receive - easel, chair, stool, pad, glasses, palette, cardboard "canvas", helmet mirror and of course the Norman Rockwell figurine itself. The box says "Signature Collection Porcelain" Item #42502, Signature Collection, 5-15 49th Avenue, Long Island City, N.Y. 11101 $150.00 original price. The Norman Rockwell figurine stands about 17" tall.
There is no real damage, except that this figurine was on display in the filtered sunlight for several years. This item was not handled nor used as a toy.