This is an original UNRESTORED Norris Master Machine. It is a Penny Peanut Machine.

The Difference between the peanut and the gumball machines is the vend wheel inside. This machine has a pie shaped peanut or candy vending wheel as you can see from the photos. It does however vend gumballs. The gumballs in this machine do not come with it but are readily available online.

This machine operates excellently and the key fits both locks. Both locks are not original. the porcelain cabinet does not have any touchup. The brown spots you see in the photos are chips and mild rust. This is an extremely beautiful and well preserved black and red PORCELAIN cabinet and lid.

What you see here is what you get.

Please take a minute and watch the video I shot of the machine operating below and if you have any questions please ask, also I do collect, buy, sell, and restore master machines, pulvers, zenos, 5 jacks, mansfields, advance machines, and many others, if you need a machine restored send me a message!

Thanks and good luck Bidding!

Video Section

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