North Africa Collection $1 $5 $10

As a Bank Officer, I bought currency on line during 2000-2001 with the idea of putting together a nice personal collection. I left Banking, starting a new career in 2002. I had purchased several US Small Notes, Large Notes, Obsoletes, and Nationals. I have recently "discovered" these notes in a box and realize that I have no desire to keep any of these.

I purchased these notes in 2000 from three different sellers with the idea of completeing the set with the $20 and displaying them.

The $1 was called a gem by the orginal seller and it really is a beautiful crisp, mint condition note The seller said "Absolutely Flawless". I agree!

The $5 was called "very sharp" by the original seller, a very attractive note!

The $10 was called " a very nice, clean Extra Fine".. I agree, It really is a nice note!

Thanks for looking