North American Aviation Vintage 12-1/2"x15" Automatics And Space Prints Rcreate

H ere are some 12-1/2"x15" vintage prints that were recreated by artist from the original photographs taken from NASA. My father worked at Rocketdyne in the 1950's and 60's and these prints were given to the employees for their workmanship on all governments aviation and spacecraft. My father invented a piece that went on the Apollo spacecraft and was awarded for his creation. They sent him to Florida to see the first Apollo being launched. I guess I am just proud 😃 please Enjoy!!!

P ict.1) NASA Apollo spacecraft in lunar orbit

P ict. 2) USAF Minuteman ICBM-Guidance, Flight Control and Automatic Checkout Equipment

P ict.3) NASA Saturn V Launch Vehicle rises above Kennedy Space Center, Florida

M y father told me the reason why these photos were recreated by artist, was because NASA at the time did not want people to see the actual photograph. Please Enjoy!!!