North American Tour Air Force F 100 Jet In Flight

During 1966 North American Aviation and a Division Autonetics had an exhibit that traveled thru out the US and Canada and was sponsored by the company that also sponsored our museum.

These are North American Produced color lithos.On the back will be the name of the aircraft and is visable.At the end of 1966 the exhibit was then housed in our Museum.On the back will be our Museum Seal. To see this exhibit go to our Ebay Store and enter = North American Tour = in the search field.Professionally double matted size 14 x 17 inches and are GEM MINT.Each will also have the North American Corporate Logo(these were produced by North American.

SPECIAL NOTE:The Museum also sponsored other aircraft Exhibits from 1966 thru 1985.Douglas Aircraft,North American,Martin Aircraft,Grumman and 2 exhibits for Lockheed one in 1972 and one in 1985.In our Ebay Store we have a seperate Category in our Ebay Store called :AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURES.Just Shipping bonus pay one shipping charge for the first one selected and all others will be shipped FREE of shipping charges= For US and Canada Only.

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