North Bros. Yankee # 1446 2-sp. Hand Drill- Pre Stanley

This auction is for 1) Yankee # 1446 2-speed , 3/8" Hand Drill made by North Bros. Mfg. Company of Phila, Pa in the early 1940's. Pre-Stanley buyout. Removable handle for bit storage.////// Condition is excellent showing only light use. Full black oxide coating still on gear teeth and mechanically tight and unbent. Smooth operation in both speeds. Most all original finish is intact and in nice condition. Partial sticker remains. Wood finish shows some nicks,pressure marks, abrasion but nothing horrible.some light scratches/dings on chuck knurling. ///// Not your average hand drill and quite sought after. /////// Shipping will be 8.00 in U.S.///// I will have a Stanley 2358 top of line Large miter box w/ original Disston 28" X 5" Back saw starting Sunday pm. Same era and beautiful, bright , little used condition, red trim and nickel accessories.