NORTH CAROLINA Map: Authentic 1899; Counties, Cities, Railroads, Topography

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1899 Large Color Map
North Carolina
This is a 100+ Year-Old Map-- NOT a Reproduction
(Scan of Atlas Copyright Page below)

Printed on a single sheet with a fold in the center. Bordered map size is about 13.5" x 20" with margins
sufficient to allow matting or framing--pictured below without the full margins to allow image to load
a little quicker.
Too big for my large scanner so scanned in two passes and then combined for the image below.

A laser-printed facsimile of the copyright information as it appears in the atlas from which this original map was removed will be included, on a peel-off, self-adhesive sheet . Purchasers who frame their maps frequently affix that copyright statement to the back of the frame.
No break on map --scanned in two passes on a large scanner! This color map of North Carolina was taken from a Cram Atlas with 1899 on the copyright page and 1900 on the title page. Much of the Census material throughout the atlas appears to be from the 1900 Census, but there is some data which has NOT been updated from the 1890 Census. The maps undoubtedly represent conditions as they existed in 1895 to 1899. Principal railroads are shown and labeled. Many of these roads are now defunct while some are still being used--operated

-- Returnable for any reason within 10 days for prompt refund.

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