North End Hotel creamer sugar Meriden silver soldered

Featured is a very historical and unique creamer and sugar set. The bottom of both have all of the following markings on the bottom: "Nickel silver/silver soldered/ Meriden/ Rogers Bros/ 1847/ 03800" and what appears to be an eagle symbol.

Each has North End Hotel, Ocean Grove, NJ engraved on the bottom (can be seen in last photo) and North End Hotel is also engraved across the front of each piece. The creamer says "patent handle" and is 3/4 Pts. The sugar dish has 8 oz engraved on it as well. This creamer/sugar set was used in the former North End Hotel in Ocean Grove, NJ. The creamer is dinged up some but the sugar is in great condition.

NOTE: The tray they are on is not included in this set - may be purchased separately. Thank you!

New information on this set: What is pictured is actually a small 3/4 pint teapot with the patented handle and the sugar bowl. The creamer has been found that goes with this set! I did not realize it was a three piece set (and assumed the teapot was a creamer because that only seemed to make sense with two pieces) until recently when the creamer was discovered. Somehow it got separated from the other pieces. Unfortunately, it is dinged up a little bit (but no holes) and the Hotel name is not as visible across the front. It does have the name engraved on the bottom, however,
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