North Vietnam leaflet propaganda 173rd air borne VC 246th Psyops kkk original

Military 173 rd 246 th Psyops Vietnam Army propaganda

Offered for bid are four leaflets distributed by the North Vietnamese army or South vietnam liberation front from a psychological operations company 246 th Department of the Army description, the leaflets are original , these are items from my father who served with the 173 rd Airborne Brigade, not sure how he came about them he was an information officer with the 173 rd . These are the only copies I have of this type.These are genuine, I have kept a few other leaflets for my children. I can also provide a short bio of my father if requested to attest to their legacy and authenticity. Also my rating is your assurance as well.

I will be offering up more of these -see my other listings

All offered at low bid, nice class project, or neat historical documentation, or for the military historian

I may consider shipping to Australia or Canada only, but shipping is not free, please contact me, I will have to get your address, go to the post office and get a quote.