North Vietnamese Army NVA Officer's Khaki Map Case Lined with Strap RARE

I have been collecting militaria, including the Wars in Vietnam and Korea since the mid 1970s.

This is an original NVA PAVN wartime officer's mapcase. These are tough to find and most had to be turned in to S-2 along with the maps found inside. This mapcase is the standard issue wartime with a waterproofed type cotton exterior and white cotton interior. The pencil and pen loops as well as the closure straps are leather. It is unmarked.

This mapcasae would look great with a Tokarev holster, belt with star etc. A pair of binoculars and a compass would finish off the infantry officer look.

I have not had an extra to offer for a few years so get it while you can. I have a couple of NVA issue maps on eBay now.

Condition is used Exc .

Payment is expected within three days. If you can THANKS!


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