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AT-38B TALON (USAF) Trainer Aircraft
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Scale: 1/48
WingSpan : 5.5"
Length : 11.25"
SKU : MC09PJ003

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Northrop T-38 Talon is an American supersonic jet trainer . It was the world's first, and most produced supersonic trainer. It remains in service as of 2008 in air forces throughout the world including the USAF, which remains its largest user.

It is considered to have an exceptional safety record for a supersonic jet. The basic airframe was used for the light combat aircraft F-5 Freedom Fighter family. In addition to USAF pilots, T-38s are also used by NASA astronauts, other NATO pilots under a joint training program, and some under civilian ownership.

The T-38 was designed in the mid 1950s as the trainer variant of a lightweight fighter project (the N-156 project) by the Northrop Corporation (today part of Northrop Grumman ). Although the United States Air Force had no need for a small
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