Northwest Coast Native Indian Head Silver Tokens MINT

is a collection of Indian Head Tokens. These Indian Head Tokens are encased in plastic and have neve been removed. They were originally souvenir items from 1978 and at that time had a value of $1 each. I do not beleive they have much monetary value now, however thier historical significance and the gorgeous artwork in the silver makes these tokens a wonderful addition to any NWC art collection. Each token has an engraved image of an Indian Chief as follows: Kootenay Chief Isadore (1841-1893), Carrier Chief K'Wah (1775-1840), Tsimshian Chief Legaic (1820-1894),Okanagan Chief Nicola 1780-1865), Shuawap Chief Chelouis(1828-1915). The back of each coin is engraved with the name of the band of the Chief on the front of the coin. Each is also marked "1978 British Columbia" and includes the name of the artist whose work is engraved on the coin. These artists include: Roy H. Vickers, Charlotte Basil, Louise Joseph, Toussowasks, and Ernie Philip. The coins are enclosed in a beautiful hard plastic case which is also etched into a Bear design ( black and red). They each measure 1 1/4" in diameter and the case is 5 3/4" x 3 7/8". This beautiful collection is in good condition and will make a great addition to your collection.
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